Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Results of the Invisible

Recently as I sat in the library parking lot with my daughter, I looked at the weather vane that is on the museum that is next door.  As we sat there watching it and trying to figure out what kind of bird they had affixed to the top, we started talking about the direction that the wind was blowing.  (That day the wind was coming from the northwest, right across Lake Michigan; hence a very cool and windy day.)  Though we cannot see the wind or where it comes from, we can see what the wind does.  We see the rustling of the leaves, the broken branches, the toppling of trash cans, the waving of the flags but cannot see the wind or there it starts.  We know that the wind is present because we see the results of the power of the wind.  We see barns flattened by the tornado, the trees bowed over from the force of the wind, the waves being whipped up by the gales, people huddled up with their jackets wrapped tightly around them, or boats flung up on shore by the hurricane.  We see the results of the wind all around us so therefore we know that the wind exists.

Though I cannot see my God and Savior, I know He too exists.  I see the beauty of his creation.  I see the love and tenderness for which he cares for me.  I have witnessed and experienced his healing power.  I have felt the sweetness of his Spirit.  Most of all, I have witnessed transformations that have happened to lives when they are surrendered to Him.  Alcoholics become sober.  Liars become honest. The unfaithful becomes faithful. The weak become strong.  The unrighteous become holy.  There is not an end to the beauty that results from God being allowed to truly transform us.  He will give peace where there is confusion and anxiety.  He gives a tender heart where there was anger and bitterness.  When His Spirit comes into our lives, we will have charity where there was selfishness, love where there was hatred, and joy where there was mourning.

So today I may not be able to see Jesus with my eyes but know that he indeed is here - loving me, caring for me, transforming me!!